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A Serial Killer's Guide to Houseplants

A Serial Killer's Guide to Houseplants

Walking through your local garden store or big box store you see a wide variety of houseplants. In your mind you think, “hey, these won’t be like the poinsettias at Christmas time, I won’t leave this plant in the car overnight in December.” We’ve all done it, we have all thought it would be a good idea to add a little color to a counter, to a cabinet, to a room by buying an indoor houseplant. But what is the right match? Is there a process of elimination? Will you take this rose (pun intended)? Not every plant you buy is one that will face certain doom. Don’t settle for the cactus! That’s the easy way out! Look for something that fits your personality, yes like a pet a plant has a personality, it has a style and a look that can be a focal point for your room. Plants as we all know come in different sizes, different colors, and require different needs. Not every plant is the same, so it would be smart to ask as many questions as you can before making a purchase that you will immediately be throwing in the garbage.

Here’s a fun fact! Did you know that plants act as a natural air purifier and can keep the air quality in your home up? Now it’s not going to prevent the awful stink of your partner’s shoes, but it will raise the relative humidity in your place and take the CO2 out of the air to make breathing easier. Numerous studies are now coming out listing the benefits to having plants in your home. Especially in states where the windows are closed from October through April. Plant lives save lives!

So, have you put any more thought into what kind of plant you want to get? The options are truly endless. I began my search on and felt like a kid in a candy store, wait…they have a plant called “Candy Corn Brazilian Firecracker?” Fall reference, and since its getting cold where I’m at, I think it’s a good time to start looking at something to spruce (pun intended) up a room.

I think one of the misconceptions about indoor plants and indoor gardening is that you need to have a green thumb, which isn’t the case. As Brian Stuart of says “mother nature does the real work.” If you follow the instructions with your plant, it is a foolproof décor item that will do wonders for your room. Foolproof means setting a cellphone alarm everyday to water it. Water it! Stay away from the cactus! This shouldn’t be a daunting or intimidating process, it’s not a car shopping experience, it is a “hey, that would look nice next to my kitchen sink experience.” Have fun with it, take the time to look at each picture and find the plant that would work best for you. Rumor has it that if you start with a fern, ivy, or a snake plant, (no, it does not come with a snake, nor will snakes grow out of the plant) that they are easy to start with. Consider them start up plants. You grow them, they look beautiful and once you get cocky with it, you then can step out and find the plant that is beautiful and offers a challenge like a Ficus or the Philodendron ‘Lickety Split’!

The options are endless, and the website is too, it’s, it is growing fast (pun intended, so many puns) and their friendly, knowledgeable staff are available to answer all your questions and get you started as a plant owner! They want your plant to become a part of your family and they want you to become a part of theirs! Remember, Plant. Nurture. Grow.

Indoor Plants would like to thank Steven Kawecki for submitting this post as a guest blogger. We would like to offer all first-time plant customers 15% off their order with the following promo code: BLOG15

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