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Aloe Vera


Botanical Name: Aloe Barbadensis Mill Common Names: Chinese Aloe, First Aid Plant, Burn Aloe, True Aloe. Description: The Aloe Vera is a stemless succulent with thick and fleshy leaves that are lined with small teeth making it a great ornamental,...

Easy Care Variety Bundle


Our beginner-friendly house plant bundle comes with indoor plants that require minimal work but can spruce up any living space. Perfect for new plant parents or as a back to school gift. Our Easy Care Bundle is perfect for someone...

Dracaena 'Janet Craig'


Botanical Name: Dracaena 'Janet Craig' Common Name(s): Dragon Tree Description: This Dracaena Janet Craig plant in a 4-inch pot is great for assortments or small spaces in the home or office. Dracaenas compose of a large group of popular foliage plants. Most...

Bromeliad Christiane


Botanical Name: Vriesea x Hybrida Common Names: Bromeliad Vriesea Christiane, Flaming Sword Description: The Bromeliad Christiane has a deep colored red bloom. The plant you will receive will have a deep red bloom as seen in the picture. These bromeliads prefer medium to...

Snake Plant Laurentii


Botanical Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata Common Names: Snake plant, Laurentii, Mother-in-law's tongue Description: This evergreen perennial native to tropical West Africa and Nigeria, is a great addition to any office or household as a natural air purifier. Snake plants have strong...

Schefflera Arboricola Variegated 'Umbrella'


Schefflera Arboricola Variegated is a flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to Taiwan as well as Hainan. Its common name is dwarf umbrella tree, as it appears to be a smaller version of the umbrella tree.      ...

Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'


Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata Common Name(s): Fiddle-leaf Fig Description: Native to tropical western Africa, Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, has very large green leaves with a leather-like texture. Although Ficus lyrata grows naturally in lowland tropical forests it...

Hoya Sweetheart


Botanical Name: Hoya kerrii Common Names: Sweetheart, Lucky-heart Description: The Hoya Sweetheart Variegated commonly called the wax plant is a non-blooming houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. This Variegated version has a splash of yellow on the leaf. The vines are wood-like and the...