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2 English Ivy Variety Pack - 6" Hanging Pot

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- INCLUDES - 2 - Different English Ivy in 4" pots 1 - Ivy Care guide --- With lobed leaves and lush, trailing vines, English Ivy is a beautiful accent plant. It blends beautifully in a dish garden, adding texture to a variety of tropical plants. Ivy is a vigorous grower with strong, wiry stems densely covered with distinctive foliage. Although commonly grown as a hanging plant indoors, its aerial roots can easily be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. --- EASY CARE: Fun, quirky, cool plants that are natural air purifiers, easy to grow, and live for years. HOUSE PLANT: Great indoor house plant with bright colors to energize the room. CARE GUIDE: A free care guide is included with every order to help you take care of your plants. FAST SHIPPING: Your plants include expedited shipping ensuring a healthy vibrant plant arrives at your doorstep. - 34.95 Day Guarantee on all Plants! -