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Calathea - Rattlesnake - 6" Pot

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Calathea Plants, native to tropical South and Central America, Africa, and the West Indies, are grown primarily for their beautiful, brightly colored, upright, oval leaves. There are over 300 different types of Calathea Plants, many being man-made hybrids created by tissue cultures. The various Calathea varieties have leaves with a purple undersides and various vibrant colorful patterns on the top side. Indoors, a Calathea is a table plant or short bush that rarely gets bigger than 24 inches tall and 24 to 26 inches wide. The long dark green leaves also have dark spots on them to give them a unique pattern. Includes: 1 Calathea Rattlesnake plant in a 6 inch pot with care guide. Easy Care: Fun, quirky, cool Plants that are natural air purifiers, easy to grow, and live for years. houseplant: Great indoor houseplant.