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Fern - Birdsnest Pot

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Includes: 1 Bird’s Nest 'Leslie' Fern in a 4-inch pot. Easy Care: Ferns are easy to care for and will live for years. houseplant: Great indoor houseplant that can even thrive in low light rooms. Shipping: Your Plants include expedited shipping ensuring a healthy vibrant plant arrives at your doorstep. Ferns are some of the oldest Plants in the world—they've been thriving for 300 million years and grow in an astonishing array of environments. As houseplants, they've been in cultivation for centuries. Worldwide, the American Fern Society estimates there are about 12,000 species of ferns, ranging from cold hardy to tropical, and ranging in size from miniature to the monstrous tree ferns of New Zealand and Australia. *For orders between November-March: If you are in a cold state, please add a heat pack to your order to ensure the Plants don't freeze. We recommend one heat pack per 3 small houseplants.