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Fiddle Leaf Fertilizer

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is an organic fertilizer created specifically for fiddle leaf fig trees and Plants. (Ficus Lyrata) It's fortified with calcium and the ideal N-P-K ratio for steady healthy growth in your fiddle leaf fig plant Safe and gentle so that you can use every time you water your plant. Dilute one teaspoon of plant food in two cups of water and feed every week. Each bottle is a six month to one year supply, depending on the size of your plant. The benefits of using the right formula include healthy roots and strong growth, no risk of burning your plant, optimal nutrition to avoid brown spots or yellowing. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is designed to be used every time you water without the risk of burning your plant. Contains no salt, urea, or other chemicals that can harm your fiddle leaf fig. Safe and effective for a healthy and happy plant! NPK RATIO: 3-1-2