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Tradescantia - Spathacea - 4" Pot

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Oyster plant, also sometimes called Moses-in-the-cradle, is an exceptionally easy-to-grow plant that's popular indoors and out. As a houseplant, it's loved for its no-fuss nature. Oyster plant is one of the houseplants that basically just needs regular water to look fantastic. Because it's a relatively low plant, oyster plant is perfect for desks, tabletops, and other surfaces; it's a fun addition to kitchens, bedrooms, and dens. Includes: 1 Oyster Plant (Moses-in-the-Cradle) in a 4 inch pot with care guide. Easy Care: Fun, quirky, cool Plants that are natural air purifiers, easy to grow, and live for years. houseplant: Great indoor houseplant. For orders between November-March: If you are in a cold state, please add a heat pack to your order to ensure the Plants don't freeze. We recommend one heat pack per 3 small houseplants.'